Votes for Women – Stamps of Great Britain 2018 – Indian Theme

Votes for Women – Stamps of Great Britain 2018 – Indian Theme

At the Beginning of 20th Century 60 per cent of Great Britain was entitled to a Parliamentary vote. Men had right to vote but no Woman had right to vote. But the attitudes were changing and drive for equal franchise were gathering momentum.After years of campaigning a partial victory was achieved when  Representation of People Act was passed on 06 Feb 2018. This gave voting rights to men over 21 but only to women over the age of 30. On 02 Jul 1928 the passing of Equal Franchise Act finally gave women the vote on the same terms as men.

On 15 Feb 2018 a set of eight stamps was issued by Great Britain to commemorate the centenary of this historic moment . The stamps depict the various stages of the Suffragettes.

One of stamps has an Indian Connection. One of the stamp features Princess Sophia Duleep Singh (1876-1948) daughter of Maharaja Duleep Singh is pictured selling  copies of the WSPU newspaper The Suffragette in April 1913. A member of Women’s Tax Resistance League ( whose official motto was”No Taxation Without Representation”), the Princess appeared in court on several occasions after refusing to pay taxes.

A First Day Cover  issued by Royal Mail is listed.


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