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A Site which connects the Hobby of Stamp Collecting to everyday life and events.

Stampdigest has been created to give to an insight into stamp collecting in a very different way. It helps you to connect stamp collecting and other collectables with everyday events in life. There are more than 250 plus countries issuing stamps and if every country issues just 30 stamps per year it amounts to almost 7500 stamps around the World.

Every stamp issued has a story behind it, there are stamp designers behind each stamp, there is a story behind each stamp and then a theme or an idea or an event associated with it. It gives you an insight into each and every countries’ Cultural, Political, Sporting, Architectural Heritage, Progress,¬† ¬†Transportation, Fauna & Flora, Environment, Music,Cinema, Art, Language, Freedom Struggle etc.

There are numerous Fields associated with Philately – Thematics, Fiscals, Revenue, Official Stamps , Postage Due, Postal Stationery, Aerogrammes, Post Cards, Envelopes, Maxim Cards, Stamp Papers, Share Transfer Stamps , Rocket Mail,Ship Mail, Paquebots etc.

We at Stampdigest shall list material on each and every type to the extent possible. The idea is not to just list the latest issues from some countries as listed by their Postal Authorities. We research the stamps issued by various countries and then shall give you the entire story related to the issue. I am sure the readers will find it unique and different.

All material and contents are property of Stampdigest and it holds copyright to the listed material. Any reproduction or copy without permission is prohibited.


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