Gordon Banks -All-Time Great Goalkeeper dies -RIP

Gordon Banks -All-Time Great Goalkeeper dies -RIP

England’s 1966 World Cup Winning Goalkeeper Gordan Banks passed away at the age of 91. He was regarded for being one of the best Goalkeepers that the Game has seen. He is perhaps most remembered for his “Save of Century” at the 1970 World Cup match against Brazil. He saved a Pele header. We pay our homage to this great Footballer and Goalkeeper.

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Stamps on FIFA World Cups – Bhutan 1991

Stamps on FIFA World Cups – Bhutan 1991

Bhutan issued a set of Stamps on FIFA World Cup History on 01 Aug 1991.These stamps featured the Winners and scoreline of the Finals.

1 Nu – 1934 -Hosts Italy – Italy beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 in Finals at Rome.

2 Nu- 1938 -Hosts France – Italy beat Hungary 4-2 in Finals at Paris

20 Nu- 1962 -Hosts Chile – Brazil beat Czechoslovakia 3-1 in Finals at Santiago

STAMPS ON FIFA WORLD CUPS – 1934,1938,& 1962 – BHUTAN 1991

25 Nu- 1966 -Hosts England РEngland beat West Germany  4-2 in Finals at Wembley London.

32 Nu- 1982 -Hosts Spain – Italy beat West Germany 3-1 in Finals at Madrid.

35 Nu- 1994 -Hosts USA – Brazil beat Italy 3-2 in Finals at Pasadena.

STAMPS ON FIFA WORLD CUPS -1966,1982 & 1994 -BHUTAN 1991