APS Cover Mar 2018 -Golden  Jubilee  68 Armoured Regiment

APS Cover Mar 2018 -Golden  Jubilee  68 Armoured Regiment.

68 Armoured Regiment was raised on 01 Mar 1968.It took part in 1971 War and was honoured with President’s Standards on 16 May 2005

APS cover was issued on 01 Mar 2018 to mark Golden Jubilee

APS 68 ARMD REGT 18-10


APS Cover Feb 2018 -Silver Jubilee 321 Field Regiment

APS Cover Feb 2018 -Silver Jubilee 321 Field Regiment

321 Field Regiment was raised on 01 Jan 1992.

APS cover was issued on 17Feb 2018 to mark the Silver Jubilee

APS 321 FD 18-8

Army Postal Service(APS) Special Covers- Introduction.

Army Postal Service(APS) Special Covers- Introduction

Army Postal Service in India functions as part of Postal Set up but administratively it is under the Army.It Provides all types of Postal Services to Army,Navy, Air Force,Armed Forces Establishments ,Para Military forces and Indian Forces deployed abroad as UNO Peace Keeping Forces.

The Origin of APS dates back to 1856 when the First FPO accompanied the British Expeditionary Forces to Persia. During WWI Army requisitioned FPO’s from Dept of Posts.During WW II Volunteers from Dept of Posts were drawn as Combatants to run the FPO’s. In 1947 J& K Operations remainder of personnel left with occupation forces in Japan were sent to provide postal cover to troops.

Initially affiliated to Army service Corps (ASC) it was formed as a separate Corps in 1972. The Philatelic bureaus at 1 CBPO and 2 CBPO cater to needs of troops . The Philatelic Bureau started in APS on 18 Jul 1970. The bureaus provide “56 APO” & “99 APO” cancellation on Philatelic materials issued by Dept of Posts.

APS Covers – The APS started issuing special covers called APS covers from 15 Jan 1971 onwards. These covers reflect on the history and contribution of Defence Forces to Nation . It also reflects on landmarks in history of Battalions , Regiments , Formations, Institutes, Establisments, Training Centres, Training Academies, Gallantry Award Winners,Centenary Celebrations, Jubilees,Reunions etc.

We shall bring to you a glimpse of this Glorious aspect of Forces Philately in the coming days and on regular basis. We shall also try and cover other Countries Forces Philately where concept of Forces Covers exists.

Do keep a watch.