Landtag of Bavaria – German Pre Stamped Envelopes 

Landtag of Bavaria – German Pre Stamped Envelopes.

A Landtag (State Diet) is a representative assembly (Parliament) in German speaking countries with legislative authority and competence over a federated state (Land). The Landtag of Bavaria (State Diet of Bavaria) is the unicarmeral legislature of  the state of Bavaria in Germany . The Parliament meets in Maximilianeum. Elections to the Landtag are held every Five years and have to be conducted on a Sunday or Public Holiday. The next elections are scheduled to be held on 14 Oct 2018.


A Pre Stamped envelope & Stamp  on Landtag  of Bavaria was issued on 12 Mar 1998.

The Cover Design celebrates 150 Years of Bavarian stamps.

The Landtag of Bavaria