Nature Reserves of Negev – Stamps of Israel 1988

Nature Reserves of Negev – Stamps of Israel 1988.

Nature Resrves in Negev

The Negev Desert is not a wasteland devoid of life but is rich in scenery with high mountain peaks and deep canyons- Hamada plains standing out darkly against white sand dunes ,each landscape with its own distinct biological systems hollowed by springs and waters.

As many as 1200 plant species are found of which 76 are endemic.It has abundance of Wlidlife with 45 reptile species,55 bird species other than migratory , 440 mammal species.

Ein Zin Reserve – Desert oases of the Negev. Ein Zin is one of the series of  springs rising in Nahal Zin. it has palm trees,Euphrates poplar trees and lush green river bank vegetation with wild life.

She’zaf Reserve – Located in Northern Arava has a growth of large jujube and acacia trees giving it a effect of African Savannah.

Makhtesh Ramon reserve – Consists on Makhtesh (Crater) and high Negev Mountains is the largest reserve.

Israel issue a set of three stamps on these nature reserves on 27 Jun 1988 with Tabs.

40 agora – Ein Zin reserve ,tab on Indian Wolf

60 agora – She’zaf reserve ,Tab on Dorcas Gazelle

70 agora – Makhtesh Ramon reserve, Tab on Asian Wild Ass.

A FDC with stamps and tabs is listed.