Stamps of Jersey 1983 – World Communications Year

Stamps of Jersey 1983 – World Communications Year

1983 was declared World Communications Year and it also marked 250th Birth Anniversary of Charles William Geyt, The first Postmaster of Jersey. Jersey issued a set of Five stamps which marked the career of Geyt.

8P – Geyt at  Minden -Charles Geyt ended his Military Career after having served with distinction at the Battle of Minden.

11p – London to Weymouth Mail Coach. The Mail was carried from London to Weymouth by Mail Coach and British Post Office was directed to institute a regular Packet service from Weymouth to ensure communications during a conflict with France.

24p – Mail packet Chesterfield repulses the French Privateers. Two ships “Rover” and “Royal Charlotte” were transferred from “Dover-Calais” run for use as Mail Packets. Royal Charlotte sailed with first mail for islands on 13 Feb 1794. Such vessels often ran into French Privateers.

26p- Mary Godfray at Hue Street Post Office – At first found the Postmaster Job very tough to handle all by himself. In 1798 Mary Godfray was hired to deliver the letters from Hue Street. She was the only letter carrier at that time. Post Office did not pay her but she was allowed to collect halfpenny for each letter delivered.

29p- Mail Steamer Leaves St Helier Harbour – The Little Mail Packets were replaced by Steamers in 1815.

A FDC with Five stamps is listed.

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