Miniature Sheet on FDC – India 2017- Indian Cuisine – Regular Cuisine.

Miniature Sheet on FDC – India 2017- Indian Cuisine – Regional Cuisine.

The Festive season in India is at its Peak with various types of Festivals all across the Country. India with its diversity is home to various Regional Cuisine & food delicacies.

A Miniature Sheet was issued on 03 Nov 2017 containing six stamps of Rupees Five each on these Regional Cuisines.An FDC with a miniature sheet of Rs 30 on regional cuisine is listed.


Baby Appam – Pan cake made from a fermented rice batter. A common food in Kerala & Tamil Nadu

Baghare Baingan – Cuisine made from eggplant in Hyderabad and served with Biryani.

Dal Bati – Cuisine consisting of  Dal (Lentil) and Bati (wheat flour rolls).Peculiar to Rajasthan and also popular in UP and MP.

Litti Chokha- Dough ball made of wheat flour and stuffed with sattu ( roasted chickpea flour). Popular in Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern UP.

Sarson Ka Saag – Mustard greens served with cornbread (makke ki roti) and butter.This is typical food from Punjab specially during Winters.

Biryani – Mixed rice dish made with spices and meat. Mughlai from Delhi , Awadh Biryani from Lucknow and Hyderabad Biryani are most popular and delicacies.