Stamps on EXPO 2008 Zaragoza– Spain 2007

Stamps on EXPO 2008 Zaragoza– Spain 2007.

Spain issued a stamp on EXPO 2008 on 05 Jul 2007.EXPO 2008 was an InternationalExposition held in Zaragoza Spain from 14 Jun to 14 Sep 2008. 104 countries participated and approx 5,650,000 people visited the Exhibition. It was placed in a meander of the river Ebro. The theme was “Water and Sustainable Development”. The highlight was the Water Tower, River aquarium and building in the shape of a water drop.

The 0.58 euro stamp features a logo and ‘Fluvi’ Mascot. Fluvi is a little male drop of water. Qatar issued a miniature sheet on EXPO 2008.

SPAIN 2007- EXPO 2008- FLUVI