Flora of Cook’s Voyage (Correa reflexa)

Australia Pre Stamped Envelopes – Flora of Cook’s Voyage – Correa reflexa

A team of naturalists led by Joseph banks collected hundreds of plants as James Cook navigated the Endeavour along Australia’s eastern coast in 1770. Sydney Parkinson’s botanical sketches were transformed into watercolor  illustrations and engravings after expedition returned to England.

The Correa reflexa specimen was collected at the Botany Bay New South Wales  between 28 April and 5 May 1770.

Correa reflexa is sometimes referred to as Native Fuchsia, a name it shares with Epacris longiflora. Its distribution ranges from southeast South Australia, through Victoria to eastern New South Wales and continues into south-east Queensland; it includes eastern Tasmania and Kangaroo Island off South Australia.

PSE Envelope no 104        Date of Issue  12 Mar 1986.


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