Australian Birds – Rose Robin

Pre Stamped Envelopes – Australia –Birds- Rose Robin

Australia has issued nearly 478 Pre Stamped Envelopes from 1913 till Feb 2017. the numbering on envelopes was started on 11  Sep 1978 with the Bird definitives.

The rose robin (Petroica Rosea) is a small bird native to Australia. TheMale has a distinctive pink breast and its upper parts are dark grey with white frons and its tail black with white tips. Theunderparts and shoulder are white. The Female is an undistinguishedgrey brown. The Robin has small black bill and eyes.

Its natural habitats are the gullies and valleys of temperate forests and subtropical moist lowland forests.  It is mainly found in thickly forested areas of south eastern Australia.

PSE Envelope 005      Date of Issue 11 Sep 1978


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