Numbat – Pre stamped Envelopes -Australia 1980

Numbat – Pre stamped Envelopes -Australia 1980

Australia issued a set of Seven Pre stamped envelopes on Animals on 30 Apr 1980.

Numbat- The Numbat is a member of the native cat family and is one of the most beautifully patterned Australian marsupials. Numbats are found in south western parts of Western Australia ,north west of South Australia are extinct in Eastern Australia.It has no pouch so the young ones cling to the the long hair of the teats under mother’s abdomen.Unlike most small mammals Numbats can be seen during day time foraging for termites which it scoops up with its long sticky tongue.It is also known as banded anteater

Issue date  30 April 1980     PSE Envelope no 020.

Australia PSE 20

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