Bunga Raya – National Flower of Malaysia

Bunga Raya – National Flower of Malaysia – Hibiscus

Bunga Raya was selected as National Flower of Malysia on 28th July 1960. Bunga Raya is well known throughout the World as Hibiscus or Shoeflower and is botanically referred as Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. It belongs to the same family as cottonand okra or bendir. Hibiscus is the largest genus consisting of some 300 species which are widely distributed mainly in the tropics.

Hibiscus is an evergreen shrub and has five large petals which are free.The flowers have large range of colors white,Pink. Yellow & Pink to dark red.Some of the varieties are double or multi-petalled. The flowers are very large some hybrids measuring up to 25 cm in diameter.

Though scentless it can be used for beauty and medicinal value. Its use varies from being used to darken eyebrows,as shoe polish,cure fever,sore eyes etc.

It is grown throughout Mlaysia and Malaysia issue a set of Four stamps on Bunga Raya or Hibiscus on 12 Dec 1984. A FDC is listed.


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