Uncle Sam’s Hat stamps – USA 2017

Uncle Sam’s Hat stamps – USA 2017

USA issued a stamp on theme Uncle Sam’s Hat as a 21 cent additional ounce stamp. The stamps were issued in sheets of 20 stamps .Issue date -18 Feb 2017

Uncle Sam is USA most popular patriotic Characters. Uncle Sam is associated with a businessman named Sam Wilson of Troy ,New York.He supplied  meat to American troops when War broke out in 1812 and this came to be known as Uncle Sam’s Meat.By 1830’s this character started appearing in cartoons and advertisements.Certain distinguishing elements made him a recognisable and timeless – a  dress coat with long tail,red and white striped pants,white whiskers and a top hat.

The stamp features eight graphic top hats in Uncle Sam’s signature style ,with red and white vertical red stripes above a blue band with a white star and a gray brim. Beneath each hat is a oval shape representing a face,each in a different shade,meant to suggest the ethnic and racial diversity of United States.


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