United States Airmail Blue -2018

On 15 My 1918 , in the midst of  World War I , a group of Army Pilots delivered mail along the route that linked Washington ,Philadelphia and New York – initiating the World’s first scheduled airmail service.The US Postal Department office took charge of US Airmail service from 12 Aug 1918 through 01 Sep 1927.

In honor of beginning of Air Mail service USPS  will release two postage stamps in 2018. The first stamp United States Airmail Blue has been issued on 01 May 2018 commemorating the brave spirit of pioneering Army Pilots. The stamp in blue printed in intaglio features a drawing of Curtiss JN-4H biplane typically used those days.

The second stamp identical to first one except that it will be in Red color will commemorate the beginning of Airmail delivery through US Post office department on 12 Aug 2018.

The United States Airmail Blue is being issued as a FOREVER stamp The stamp designer is Dan Gretta.