Stamps on Bicentenary of Sir Mark Cubbon -Commissioner of Mysore – 1985

Stamps on Bicentenary of Sir Mark Cubbon – Commissioner of Mysore  – 1985

Mark Cubbon was born at Maughold ,Isle of Man in 1785.His uncle Colonel Wilks got him cadetship in Indian Army in 1801 and from that time he adopted India,especially the State of Mysore as his second country and spent the rest of his life in its service.

Cubbon served in the Army with distinction and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1826. In 1831 after a rebellion in Mysore two Commissioners were appointed to take over administration and by 1834 he was appointed sole Commissioner of Mysore,a large province in Southern India with an area of approx 27,000 square miles.He served with enthusiasm and diligence for 27 years and services were recognised by his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General (1852) and awards of C.B (1856) and K.C.B (1859).

Sir mark Cubbon was an efficient administrator upheld the native institutions and natives had belief in him. In 1861 Sir Mark Cubbon resigned due to ill health and died at Suez on his way home to Isle of Man. He is buried in Kirk Maughold Churchyard close to his birthplace.

In Bangalore (now Bengaluru) Cubbon Park was named in his memory and a fine equestrian statue remains an enduring memory.

Isle of Man issued a set of  three stamps on 02 Oct 1985 to commemorate the bicentenary of his birth. The designs on stamps are

12 pence – Kirk Maughhold .Parish Church stands in background

22 Pence – Lieutenant General Sir Mark Cubbon K.C.B Commissioner for the Goverment of the Territories of the Rajah of Mysore.

45 Pence – Statue of Cubbon by Baron Marochetto an outstanding Italian sculptor unveiled in 1866 in erstwhile Mysore.

The First Day cover shows the location of Province of Mysore in the then Map of India.

Cubbon park now has been renamed as Sri Chamarajendra Park and is landmark in the heart of city known for its green parks.


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