Barbets of Namibia- Stamps on Birds 2017

Barbets of Namibia- Stamps on Birds 2017

Barbets are a small family of distinctive birds,they are stout little creatures with powerful bills and -for  their small body size -large heads.They live in pairs and feed mostly on fruits and insects. Their preference for fruits tends to restrict their habitat close to countryside with natural or introduced fruit trees with figs an absolute favourite. Three Species are found in Namibia.

Namibia issued three No Value Indicator (NVI) stamps on Barbets on 09 Mar 2017. The Zones indicate international Postal Tariff .Zone A – Africa , Zone B – Europe, Zone C – USA and rest of the World.

Zone A – Black Collared Barbet – It is one of the most widely distributed Barbets in Africa. Its habitat is Woodlands .Mostly found in North and North East Namibia. Live in pairs and roost communally with other pairs in nest holes.

Zone B – Crested Barbet – least common of all barbets in Namibia.Widespread in large parts of Southern and eastern Africa. Monogamous found singly or in pairs .Feed on insects ,fruits and Nectar.

Zone C – Acacia Pied Barbet – Most common and widespread throughout Namibia except treeless Namib. Feed on fruits like Figs, Karees & Guarris,insects and nectar.

A First day Cover is listed.


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