Dubai Stamps – Charles Dickens -1970

Dubai Stamps – Charles Dickens -1970

Charles John Huffan Dickens ( 1912 -1970)  or Charles Dickens was an English Writer and social critic. He is regarded as the greatest Novelist of Victorian Era and created World’s Best known Fictional characters. The Characters he created were from his personal while growing up and working in England.

His most famous works include Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist , Nicholas Nickleby,  David Copperfield,Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities ,Old Curiosity Shop.

Dubai issued a set of Four stamps on 23 July 1970 to mark his 100th Death Anniversary.

60 Dirhams – Charles Dickens ,

1 Riyal – Signature,Quill Pen and Lamp,

1.25 Riyal – Dickens and “The Old Curiosity Shop”,

3 Riyals -Bound Volumes of his works


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