Paintings from Pescatore Museum – Stamps of Luxembourg 1984

Paintings from Pescatore Museum – Stamps of Luxembourg 1984

Jean Pierre Pescatore Museum is located in Luxembourg.It is housed in Villa Vauban and called Luxembourg City Art Museum. Collection of old masters painting. The museum’s collections find their origins in 19th Century when three influential figures Jean Pierre Pescatore (1793-1855), Leo Lippmann (1803-1883) and Eugene Dutreux-Pescatore (1810-1902) bequeathed their private collections to their home city.

Jean Pierre Pescatore – Tobacco Merchant and Banker – Collection of 17th Century Dutch Paintings and contemporary French history paintings,sculptures & drawings.

Leo Lippmann -Banker & Consul general of Luxembourg in Amsterdam – Collection of 19th Century art,particularly history paintings.

Eugene Dutreux-Pescatore – Inherited her 18th century history paintings,still lifes and Portraits.

These collections of Golden age of Dutch Paintings (17th Century) included works by Cornelis Bega, Gerrit Dou & Jan Steen and 19th Century French history and landscape paintings by artists like Eugene Delacroix,Jean-Louis-Ernest-Meissonier and Jule Dupre.

Luxembourg issued a set of four stamps on Paintings from this museum on 07 May 1984.

4 fr – “Smoker” by David Teniers le Jeune (17th Century)

7 fr – “Young Turk Caressing His Horse” (1826) by Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863)

10 fr – “Festival of Kings” by Jan Steen

50 fr- “The Lacemaker” by Pieter van slingelandt (17th Century)




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