Stamps on Sepak Takraw – Indonesia 2004

Stamps on Sepak Takraw – Indonesia 2004

The XVI – 2004 National Sports Week also called PON XVI was held from 02 Sep to 14 Sep 2004 in Jakabaring Sports Complex in South Sumatra just 5 kms from Palembang in Indonesia. More than 5660 athletes took part in 41 sports and 607 events and 8 Paralympic/handicapped sports. It was also known as Sumsel 2004 .

Indonesia issued a set of two round shaped stamps on PON XVI featuring the sport of Sepak Takraw.

Sepak Takraw or Kick volleyball is a sport native to South east Asia . A team consists of 2-4 players and is played with rattan ball,synthetic rubberrised plastic . It is called Sepak Takraw in Indonesia and Singapore. It  allows the players to touch the ball only with feet,chest,knee and head . It has been part of Asian Games since 1990 Beijing Asian Games. India won a Bronze  Medal in Team Regu at 2018 Asian Games.

A FDC with stamps is listed.


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