Classic Sports Cars – Great Britain 1996

Classic Sports Cars – Great Britain 1996

The Royal Mail issued a set of Five stamps on Classic Sports Cars on 01 Oct 1996.The cars featured are

20p – Triumph TR3 -Produced by Standard -Triumph Motor Car Company of Coventry England between 1955 & 1962.A 1991 cc straight-4 engine was used in the Car.

26p -MG TD -Produced between 1950-53 by Morris at  Abingdon ,England .It  was a open two-seater roadster with a 1250 cc XPAG Type 14 engine. 23000plus were exported to USA

37p- Austin -Healey 100 – A sports car built by Austin -Healey from 1953 to 1956.It had a 2660cc engine and Healey named it “100” because of its ability to reach 100 mph.

43p- Jaguar XK 120- Built by Jaguar between 1948 and 1954.It had a 3.4 L XK 14 engine. It was unveiled at Earls Motor Show. 12,055 were made.

63p – Morgan Plus 4 – It is two door convertible sports car manufactured by Morgan Motor Company from 1950 to 1969 . It had a 2088 cc engine and 4,584 cars were produced.

A FDC issued is listed




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