Bicycles on Stamps – Great Britain -1978

Bicycles on Stamps – Great Britain -1978

1978 marked the Centenary of both the Cyclists Touring Club & and the British Cycling Federation. In 1878 the cyclists chose front wheels according to the length of their legs. By 1884 the low-built safety bicycle was attracting Women to cycling as a pastime. The 1920’s bicycles were mass produced and built for the comfort-gear case and rubber pneumatic tyres were common now. The design remained virtually unchanged or 75 years until First Moulton appeared in 1962.

Royal Mail issued a set of four stamps on 02 Aug 1978 on Centenary of First Cycling Organisations.

9p – “Penny Farthing” & 1884 safety bicycle.

10.5p – 1920 Touring Bicycles.

11p – Modern small-wheel bicycles

13p -1978 road racers.

A FDC with the stamps is listed. The cancellation has a cycle wheel.



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