Stamps on Racing Drivers -Argentina 1991

Stamps on Racing Drivers -Argentina 1991

Argentina issued a miniature sheet with four stamps to mark the Espamer 91 Stamp exhibition – Spain & Latin American Philatelic exhibition. The Miniature sheet was issued on 04 May 1991. The theme of the sheet was Racing Drivers. The Car racing drivers featured on stamps are

Juan Manuel Fangio (1911-1995)  was an Argentine racing car driver who was also nicknamed “The Master”. He dominated the first-decade formula 1 and won Five World  Drivers Championship titles. He is the only Argentine to have won Argentina Grand Prix -he won it four times.

Juan Manuel Bordeau (1934-1990)- A protege of Juan Manuel Fangio, he was an Argentine racing driver. Due to an accident could not take part in Formula 1 Racing.

Carlos Alberto Reutemann (born 1942) – He is a former Formula 1 racing driver from Argentina. He won 12 Formula 1 Grand Prix races between 1972 and 1982 with six Poles. Now a Politician.

Oscar & Juan Galvez- Argentine racing car drivers and brothers on whose names the Buenos Aires Motor racing Circuit is named.


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