Stamps on Uber Cup Badminton -Indonesia 1994

Stamps on Uber Cup -Indonesia 1994

The Uber Cup sometimes called the World Women’s Team Championships was first held in 1956-57 and then every three years from 1957 to 1981. From 1984 onwards it is being held every two years. The Uber Cup is now held concurrently with Thomas Cup. The 2018  Thomas Cup (30th edition) and Uber Cup (27th edition) were held in Bangkok from 20-27 May 2018. Stamps have been released on Thomas Cup by various countries.

Indonesia issued a stamp on Uber Cup Badminton Championships Victory at Jakarta in 1994. Indonesia defeated China 3-2 to win the Uber Cup. It was held in Jakarta and was the 15th edition of Uber Cup The stamps were issued on 22 Jun 1994. China has won the title 14 times till date, Japan Six times & Indonesia three times. Indonesia and South Korea have been runners-up seven times each.



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