Revenue Stamps of Bhutan – 1954 -2018

Revenue Stamps of Bhutan – 1954 -2018

Revenue stamps have been issued by Bhutan in 1954, 1966/67 and 1996.

1954 – Four Revenue stamps in Tibetan Currency – 1 Trangka Blue, 2 Trangka Red, 4 Trangka, Green and 8 Trangka, Orange. These stamps were also made valid for Postage as on 01 Jan 1955/28 Sep 1955 until the introduction of postage stamps in 1962, but appear to have been used till 1964 /1988. A 1 Trangka stamp surcharged with Indian currency 10np is talked about but it seems to be a fake.

1966/67 – Two revenue stamps in Bhutan Currency 10 Chetrum (red colour), 25 Chetrum (Jade Colour). In 1967 another three revenue stamps in 20 Chetrum, 1 Nu & 5 Nu. All of them were printed at Indian Security Press Nashik(then Nasik). In the early 1970s, the 10 Ch stamp was surcharged officially in Purple to 15 Ch.

1996 – on 12 Jan 1996, The Ministry of Finance issued the following stamps

Revenue stamp – 1 Nu -Red Colour.

Three Non-Judicial Stamps – 10 Nu Brown, 100 Nu Purple, 500 Nu Pink.

Four Judicial Stamps – 5 Nu Green, 20 Nu Blue,50 Nu Orange, 100 Nu Yellow.

Post 1996 – Two Revenue/Judicial/Non- Judicial stamps are being listed which have been Printed by Cartor Security Printing France possibly post 1996. 10 Nu in Green and 5 Nu in Red. Any other details are welcome from anybody.

bhutan 10nu rev
bhutan 5nu rev





2 thoughts on “Revenue Stamps of Bhutan – 1954 -2018

  1. Len Nadybal, Washington DC USA January 13, 2019 / 8:45 pm

    Greetings, The 1st set of four were made valid for postage on 28 Sep. 1955, not 1 Jan. 55. That was the day equivalent to the lunar calendar day in Bhutan on which the secretary to the Bhutanese king dated a memo he issued that stated the stamps were to be used also for postage and were henceforth to be affixed to postal matter. It also said that letters “pertaining to the King” did not need to have stamps affixed. That would mean, it seems, that the letter did not have to be addressed to the king to be sent free of postage, only that the contents had to have the king as a subject of the contents, no matter to whom it was sent. To the contrary, I have always presumed this wording meant that official mail of the government was to be postage free, not that mail of private nature that had contents related to the government business that was sent by individuals in their private capacities was exempted. These first issue stamps are seen on covers postmarked well into the 1980s. In 1988, I was told by the postmaster at Tongsa that the revenue stamps had then only fairly recently been formally demonetized for postage. He didn’t recall a date for the memo he received, but indicated it happened “in the last year or two”.

    Two of the four values were surcharged in the early 1960s (to 10 & 25 NP). I have numerous covers with these affixed alongside regular postage (all from the Special Officer P&T, Mr. Tsherring). Only one is non-philatelic, and it is on a cover by itself.

    RE: the 1966 25ch Jade value was also surcharged down to 20ch. In the envelope that arrived containing copies of this surcharged value, there was a note saying that a 6Nu value had also been issued. I didn’t know about it, and didn’t therefore know to order it. I’ve never seen one. Not mentioned above are the colors of the 1967 20ch 1Nu and 5Nu values: red, green and yellow, resp.

    I have the earlier issues and would consider trades for later issues. I continually buy postal covers and documents with the first issue affixed to them. Beware of fake local language “postmarks” on these early covers. Some don’t have readable addresses (esp. from Pema Gahtsel area) – just meaningless scribbles.


  2. stampdigest January 14, 2019 / 8:43 am



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