Bhutan Sheetlet – Insects and Spiders-1997

Bhutan Sheetlet – Insects and Spiders-1997

Bhutan issued a sheetlet on 15 Jan 1997 on Insects and Spiders. 25 stamps were issued.


1 Ch – Giant Himalayan Honeybee   2Ch -Flower Chafer  3Ch -Long-Winged Conehead Cricket     4 Ch -Oriental Cockroach    5 Ch -Great Diving Beetle 10 Ch – Hercules Beetle    15 Ch -Ladybird    20 Ch- Red-tailed Flesh Fly  25 Ch-Stag Beetle   30 Ch- Caterpillar          35 Ch-Red underwing moth  40 Ch- Hawaii Longhorn Beetle. 45 Ch-Giant Ichneumon Wasp     50 Ch- Field Cricket     60 Ch- Elephant Hawk-Moth.  65 Ch -Pond Skater  70 Ch- Banded Demoiselle   80 Ch- Ground Beetle   90 Ch -Stinkbug   1Nu -Giant Hairy Scorpion 1.50 Nu -German Wasp  2 Nu-Lanternfly   2.50 Nu-Praying Mantis   3 Nu -European Garden Spider   3.50 Nu -Rose Windmill   15 Nu -Cockchafer



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