Stamps of St Helena – 175th Anniversary of Duke of Wellington Visit.

Stamps of St Helena – 175th Anniversary of Duke of Wellington Visit.

Arthur Wellesley, Ist Duke of Wellington (01 May 1759- 14 Sep 1852) was a British Soldier, Statesman and one of the leading military and Political Figures of 19th Century.

Career In India – Colonel Arthur Wesley (later Wellesley) of the 33rd Regiment arrived in Calcutta in Feb 1797 aged 28. His brother Lord Richard Wellesley was Governor General of India(1789-1905)at that time. He stayed in India for eight years and fought four Major battles wherein he was baptised by fire as far as his military training was concerned.

26 Mar 1799 – Battle with Tipu Sultans Forces.

April & May 1799 – Battle and Seige of Seringapatam.Remained in Seringapatam as Governor till 1801.

Battle of Conaghul against Dhoondiah Waugh

23 Sep 1803 – As a Major General Battle of Assaye against Marathas.

Arrival in St Helena  – Both the Wellesley brothers left India and headed for England. But Arthur Wellesley headed for St Helena and stayed there from 20 Jun 1805 to 09 July 1805. During this time he stayed at Briars Pavillion, the same building where Napoleon would be exiled after Wellington defeated him Battle of Waterloo and see the irony Wellington occupied Napoleon’s Palace in Paris.

St Helena issued a set of Two stamps on 175th Anniversary of Duke of Wellington’s visit to St Helena in 1805. These stamps were issued 17 Nov 1980.

9p- The Briars 1815

30p – Painting of Wellington by Francisco de Goya.


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