Pan American Games 2019- Introduction.

Pan American Games 2019- Introduction.

Pan American Games are held every four years for the nations of the Americas. They are held one year prior to the Summer Olympic Games.

-The First Pan American Games were held in Buenos Aires in Argentina from 25 Feb to 09 Mar 1951. Over 2,500 athletes from 21 Countries participated in 18 Sports and 140 events. Argentina topped the Medals tally.

-The XVII or 17th Pan Am Games were held in Toronto in Canada from 10 Jul to 26 Jul 2015. Over 6,000 athletes from 41 Countries participated in 36 Sports and 364 events.

-The XVIII or 18th Pan Am Games will be held in Lima in Peru from 26 Jul to 11 Aug 2019. Over 6,600 athletes from 41 Countries are likely to participate in 39 Sports.

The USA has bagged 1944 gold medals till date in Pan Am Games followed by Cuba with 875 Gold Medals.

Milco in orange and Red (Colours of Peruvian Flag) is the mascot for Lima 2019 Pan Am Games.

Se-Tenant Stamp issued by Peru on 28 Feb 2019 featuring Milco, the Mascot of 2019 Pan American Games.


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