Stamp on Martin Waldseemuller Map – Germany – 2007

Stamp on Martin Waldseemuller Map – Germany – 2007.

Germany has issued a stamp of  220c to mark 500th  Anniversary of Martin Waldseemuller Map. The Waldseemuller Map or Universalis Cosmographia or Universal Cosmography is a printed wall map of the World by German Cartographer Martin Waldseemuller, originally published on April 1507. It is known as the first map to use the word America. It was bestowed in honour of Italian Americo Vespucci. America placed on this map is now South America.

The wall map consists of 12 sections printed from woodcuts. Each section is one of four horizontally and three vertically when assembled. The stamp shows these 12 sections. The only copy of this Map is displayed in Library of Congress Washington DC. A thousand copies were printed originally.

Martin Waldseemuller (1470-1520) was a German Cartographer who along with Matthias Ringmann is credited with first using the word America on maps based on Vespucci and Columbus travels

First Day Cover cancelled at Berlin is listed.



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