Miniature Sheet on FDC – India 2017- Indian Cuisine -Popular Cuisine.

Miniature Sheet on FDC – India 2017- Indian Cuisine -Popular Cuisine.

The Festive season in India is at its Peak with various types of Festivals all across the Country. India with its diversity is home to mouth-watering street food delicacies.

A Miniature Sheet was issued on 03 Nov 2017 containing six stamps of Rupees Five each on these Popular Cuisines.A FDC with a miniature sheet of Rs 30 on popular Cuisine is listed.

Poha-Jalebi – Street Food from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Made from Sev , Jalebi & sliced onions etc.

Golgappas- The most popular street snack and food across all ages and regions. It is a crisp round ball served with flavoured water (tamarind water), fillings and garnishing. Known as Panipuri, Batashe,Fulki, Phuchka etc.

Dhokla – Peculiar to Gujarat and made from fermented batter and Chick Peas.

Chhole Bature – A delicacy from Punjab and Delhi. This cuisine is made from flour and chickpeas. Delhi and Amritsar are the best places to order your Chhole Bature.

Idli -dosa – Thes are south Indian snacks famous all over the country, Indian Sub-continent and the World. Made from fermented rice and served hot with sambar or Dal. Dosa is a pancake which can be plain and can any type of fillings depending on the region. Chain of special hotels serves this across the country.

Vada-Pav – Symbolic Marathi street food typical to Maharashtra and Mumbai. A fried potato dumpling served with sliced bread (Pav) is called Vada pav. Served with various types of sauces or chutneys.


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