15th (Isle of Man) LAA Regiment RA (TA) – 40th Anniversary of Mobilisation.

The 15th (Isle of Man)  Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (Territorial Army) was raised in summer of 1938 as a Territorial Army Unit. At the beginning of World War II,  it consisted of two batteries (41st & 42nd) and Regimental headquarters. The regiment was partially equipped with Vickers, Lewis and Bofors Guns. Later on it was totally equipped with Bofors guns.

On 24 August 1939, The regiment was mobilised and sailed to Liverpool for the defence of the Mersey.

  • 129 Battery and Company ATS raised and joined the Regiment in England.
  • After the outbreak of  WW II the regiment deployed in Midlands and south-west England during the Battle of Britain.
  • On 19 Nov 1940 embarked for the Middle East and landed in Egypt.
  • 41 Battery sailed for East African theatre and took part in operations in Sudan, Eritrea and Abyssinia alongside 4th and 5th Indian Divisions and saw the surrender of Italian Forces.
  • 129 Battery was overrun by German Forces in Crete in May 1941.
  • 42nd battery and Regimental Headquarters were responsible for Air Defence of Suez Canal in Egypt.
  • In 1942, The Ist Battery of AA British Army with experience in Dunkirk joined the Regiment replacing 129 Battery.
  • On Jul 1942 joined the 7th Armoured Divison and took part in the Battle of Alamein.
  • From Oct 1942 moved through North Africa till the surrender of Enemy forces in North Africa (Libya, Tripoli & Tunisia)
  • Then moved to Italy from Salerno to Naples to Garigliano river.
  • In Jan 1944 returned to England, refitted and trained for Normandy Landings 0f 06 Jun 1944. Landed at Ouvranches and fought many battles in France, Belgium, Holland and finally to Hamburg for the surrender of German Forces.
  • Had the unique distinction of shooting down 300 aircraft, several tanks and infantry in light artillery role.

A Special Cover and Cancellation to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Mobilisation issued on 24 Aug 1979 is listed.