Postcards of GDR- 750th Anniversary of Berlin  – Ephraim Palace

Postcards of GDR- 750th Anniversary of Berlin  – Ephraim Palace

Berlin was founded in 1237 and became capital of Margraviate of Brandenburg in 1417, later of Brandenburg-Prussia and Kingdom of Prussia. After the Second War, the city was divided into two East Berlin became Capital of Soviet-backed East Germany and West Berlin controlled by Allies backed West Germany. This continued till unification of Germany in 1990 when the Berlin Wall was pulled down in 1989 and in June 1991 resolution was passed in Bundestag -German Parliament to move the Unified German Capital to Berlin. In 1999 offices moved to Berlin from Bonn.

GDR issued a set of postage stamps on 750 years of Berlin on 17 Feb 1987  and also a Postcard. The 10 Pf stamp and stamp design feature Ephraim Palace.

Ephraim Palace is a Rococo style building in Berlin built in 1766 by architect Friedrich Dieterichs.

Markisches Museum – It was founded in 1874 and is located in Mitte Berlin. It houses the history of Berlin along with four other museums in Berlin. This museum is also featured on the Postcard.


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