EUROPA 2020 Issues – Cyprus

Cyprus Post issued two stamps of 0.34 Euro and 0.64 Euro  on EUROPA 2020.

Theme- Ancient Postal routes. Date of issue 04 May 2020.

During the rule of Ottoman Empire in Cyprus (1571-1878) the town of Larnaka was the centre of Commerce. Mail which was minimal during that time was generally hand carried by  Ship’s Captain.

The First Ottoman Post Office opened in town of Lefkosia in 1871 and first postal route was opened between Lefkosia and Larnaka. The mail was carried by horses,mules and camels on dirt tracks.

After British takeover of Cyprus in 1878 Post offices were opened in every town and mail was carried by Mail Coach drawn by two horses and two mules. In 1905 a railway service started between Ammohostos & Evrychou via Lefkosia &Morphou carrying mail and passengers.The transportation of mail closed with the closure of Railways in 1951.

The Two stamps feature the ancient mail routes and modes of mail transportation.