EUROPA 2020 Issues – Malta
Malta  issued two stamps  on EUROPA 2020 on 09 May 2020.

0.59 Euro – Map of Mediterranean sea with Sea Mail routes and a Naval Vessel I-Ixprunara. The Map has Malta , Sicily and Italy at its core and key naval routes highlighted are Malta/Pozallo, Malta/Messina & Malta/Naples.These small merchant vessels were ferrying Passengers and Cargo including mail around these routes

2.00 Euro- Francisco de Tassis who was 15th Century Pioneer of Postal Service in Europe . He was tasked by Emperor Maximillian I to reform the courier system in Burgundy and The Netherlands. He founded new Postal stations in European Cities and commercialized it as a successful entrepreneur and laid the foundation of modern Postal System in Europe. The stamp features his portrait,a letter,coins and a cylindrical postal container.