EUROPA 2020 Issues –Slovakia .
EUROPA 2020 Issues – Slovakia issued a stamp (1.20 Euro) and a mini sheet on EUROPA 2020 featuring Ancient Postal Routes -The Magna Via

Date of Issue 30 Apr 2020.

The Magna Via – Ferdinand I , The King of Hungary started building the Postal routes.

In 1528 Buda and Vienna were connected via a route with 10 Postal Stations. It ceased to exist within one year after the fall of Buda to Turkish Army.

In 1531 the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce moved to Bratislava and it became necessary to provide a postal route from Vienna to Bratislava.

In 1552 the organisation of route from Vienna to Transylvania began. This route passed from western and Northern Slovakia to Kosice and then to Transylvanian city of Sibiu owing to Turkish occupation of Southern territories and thereafter the fall of Transylvania only the route from Bratislava to Kosice remained unchanged during the 17th Century. In 18th Century new routes with stables , accommodation , harness service and catering came with Postal stations every two miles.

In 1999 the Association The Magna Via was formed whose role is to acquaint visitors with this ancient Postal route.