EUROPA 2020 Issues – Andorra (Spanish Post)
EUROPA 2020 Issues – Andorra (Spanish Post) issued a stamp  on EUROPA 2020 on theme  Ancient Postal Routes .  It is a 1.45 Euro stamp. It features a Postman and a Map. The Postal System started in 1730 with a Post Office in La Seu. Between 1750 to 1780 Pedestrian Postal System with mules was active twice a week. In 1877 Spain established an Official Manager for Mail Delivery and by 1927 Postal System was established. In 1913 the opening of a section of road from Andorra la Vella to Seu d’Urgell enabled the replacement of mules by first buses and automobiles for mail system.
Date of Issue -14 May 2020.     Stamps Quantity Printed 60,000