Postcards on Major Hubal – Poland 2020.

A Postcard was issued by Poland on Major Henryk Dobrzanski (1897-1940). During World War I he served with distinction in 2nd Grochow Regiment of Ulhans a Cavalry Regiment of Polish Army.In 1918 he joined the Polish Army. He took part in many military campaigns between 1918 and 1921 and was awarded the Virtuti Militari -the highest Polish Military award and many other bravery awards.

He took part in 1928 Amsterdam Summer Olympics as part of Polish Equestrian team and was placed fourth in the Aldershot Competition.He won 22 Gold Medals in Sporting Career.

During the World War II , just before Invasion of Poland in 1939 he was assigned to 110th reserve Cavalry Regiment. He fought gallantly with Polish Army and finally after the defeat of Polsih army , he formed the Guerilla Force called it the Separated unit of Polish Army.He fought gallantly against the Germans till 30 April 1940 when he was ambushed.

In 1966 he was Posthumously awarded the Golden Cross of the Virtuti Militari and promoted to a Colonel. A large number of roads ,scouting units, military units and organisations bear his name.