World Food Day – Traditional Food Dishes of Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar 2019- Sheetlet

Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar issued two stamps of  2.70 BAM stamp each featuring traditional Food dishes of Herzegovina. It marked World Food  Day.

Polenta with Garlic Butter Sauce (Pura lucnica & pole pod saca) – Traditional dish of Herzegovina. Turkey made from home made corn flour added to boiling salt water.Once water dries served best with topped melted butter or sour milk.

Potato halves baked in oven sac – Potatoes baked on hearth burned on oak,ash or hornbeam wood covered with a sac. Then cut into halves placed in a pan covered with honeycomb sprinkled with embers for an hour. best served with homemade young cheese or bellows cheese.

Date of Issue -16 Oct 2019 .     Print Quantity 10,000. Issued in mixed sheets of 8.

Bosnia food Slet
Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar 2019- TRADITIONAL FOOD