Herzegovinian Donut and Cicvara – Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar 2018.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar issued two stamps of  3.60 BAM stamp on International Food Day. The International Food Day is celebrated on 16 Oct .

Herzegovina Donut – Made of Flour and salt ,dough is made and poured in pan with butter, when turn dark brown turned over and other side is brought to dark brown stage ,served with cheese or smoked ham or with sour milk garlic and butter.

Cicvara – Speciality of Mountain regions, requires a special type of cheese Skripavac . Cheese , butter milk and flour mixture is cooked in a pan.

Date of Issue -10 Oct  2018 .     Print Quantity 10,000. Issued in mixed sheets of 8.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar 2018.- Donuts and Cicvara