International Coffee Day  01 Oct – Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar 2018- FDC

Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar issued two stamps of  2.90 BAM stamp on International Coffee Day. The International Coffee Day was First Celebrated on 01 Oct 2015 by International Coffee Organization.

Coffee is a tropical plant which bears red berries like fruit. It comes from Kaffa region in Ethiopia discovered by a shepherd. from there it went to Arabian Peninsula. Coffee appeared in Europe in 1570 when Venetian traders traders transported it to Venice along with Tobacco. Two types of Coffee are Arabica and Robusta.

The color and scent of Coffee depends on time taken to bake the beans and quality of drink depends on manner of grinding beans.

Date of Issue -10 Oct  2018 .     Print Quantity 10,000. Issued in mixed sheets of 8.

Bosnia Coffee 1 fdc
Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar 2018.- Coffee