EUROPA 2016- Ecology in Europe -‘Think Green’ –  Latvia

The Theme for Europa stamps in 2016 was -Ecology in Europe -‘Think Green’. It was the common design which also celebrated the 60th Anniversary of EUROPA Stamps.

Latvia issued two stamps on this theme. Sheetlets  were also issued. The stamps in sheetlets were in tete-beche pairs.

0.78 Euro – The stamp shows a hand replacing grey color with green color symbolizing “that it is is our hands to create a greener planet”. This design adapted from prize winning entry designed by Doxia Sergidou (Cyprus Post)

0.78 Euro -The stamp features a energy, bicycle, squirrel & trees.

Date of Issue -09 May 2016      Quantity Issued – 25,000 Sheetlets each

Latvia 2016 sheet