Chocolate Scented stamps -Belgian Chocolate 2013.

Belgium issued a set of five stamps on Belgian Chocolates in 2013. All are No value indicator stamps (1 World 0 )

Belgian Chocolate Industry – It is a major industry since 19th Century. Cocoa used comes from Africa , Central America and South America. Varieties are Pralines, Truffles , Egg, Animals and Figurines. there are 2,000 Chocolatiers in Belgium and Cote d’or the largest commercial brand.

A Miniature sheet containing five stamps was issued. It was printed with essence of cacao oil in the glue at back for taste and in ink for smell

Chocolate Spread – 1.24 Euro

Date of Issue 25 Mar 2013      Value 6.20 Euro Miniature Sheet

Belgium Chocolate spread
Belgium 2013-Chocolate spread