Postal Union of Americas , Spain & Portugal (UPAEP) – Introduction

The Postal Union of Americas , Spain & Portugal (UPAEP) ( Spanish Union Postal des las Americas , Espana y Portugal is an association of Postal authorities of Americas , Spain & Portugal.

A Postal treaty was signed in 1838 at Bogota between Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador for creation of a Postal Union. In 1911 it was officially founded as South American postal Union headquartered at Montevideo , Uruguay. In 1921 it began admitting members from North Americas and Central Americas. Spain joined in 1926 , Canada and Haiti joined in 1931 and Portugal joined in 1991.

Today it has 27 Members across Americas, Spain and Portugal.  These are Argentina, Aruba , Bolivia , Brazil , Canada, Chile, Colombia , Costa Rica , Cuba, Curacao, Dominican Republic , Ecuador , El Salvador, Guatemala , Haiti, Honduras , Mexico , Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay , Peru, Portugal , Spain , Suriname, USA, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Since 1989 these member countries have been issuing stamps on common themes. The theme for 2020 is Architecture , for 2019 it was Traditional Meals and in 2021 it will be Tourism.