Traditional Cuisine of Peru – Pachamanca -2020

The theme for UPAEP stamps for 2019 was traditional Cuisine. Peru issued a miniature Sheet of two stamps on the traditional cuisine of Pachamanca.

Pachamanca is a traditional dish of Andes region of Peru. Pacha means “earth” and manca means “pot”. Pachamanca is baked with the aid of hot stones. This earthern oven is known as huatia. there are four main ingredients in Pachamanca – the herbs, the meat, the vegetables and the stock. the main herb is huacatay , a type of wild mint ,meat is chicken ,pork, or lamb, vegetables are potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn.

It is cooked in a large pot with a marinade made of mint for meat and vegetables and slow cooking with layers covered by corn husk.

A Miniature sheet is listed .    Face value -8.80 sol

Date of Issue 20 Feb 2020     quantity printed -10,000