Sweet Canada – Desserts -2019

Canada issued a set of Five self adhesive stamps with No Value Indicator ( Value at the time of issue was 0.90 Canadian dollar) . A Miniature Sheet with five stamps and a booklet containing 10 stamps were issued. All stamps are odd shaped in the shape of Dessert. The Print run was 200,000.

The theme of issue was Sweet Canada – Desserts

Sugar Pie  – It is a Dessert of Western Europe, France, Belgium, Province of Quebec , French Dominated Communities throughout Canada (called tarte au sucre). The main ingredients are Butter, sugar, Vanilla,cream <Flour. It has a single crust filled with butter, cream ,  brown sugar, eggs and milk. When it is baked it turns into caramel like mixture.

Butter Tart    – Small pastry tart , Canadian cuisine . It is a Pastry shell baked with filling of butter, sugar,syrup, eggs until it turns semi-solid with crunchy top.