Traditional Gastronomy of Mediterranean -Slovenia 2020.

Slovenia issued a D face value stamp on Traditional Gastronomy of Mediterranean on 13 Jul 2020. The stamp features

Olives and Olive Oil – The Slovenian part of Istrian Peninsula, the Goriska Brda Hill region and the valley of the river Vipava are among the northern most areas where olives are grown. The extra virgin olive oil from this region is remarkable as it is made by mechanical methods without heat and additives.

Jota – The Istrian Jota does not contain Potato and is eaten as warming winter stew. Jota is eaten with polenta white or yellow.

Fonda Fish – The fish from Fonda fish farm in the Gulf of Piran is famous for its firm meat due to low salinity and planktonic feed given to fish.

The two most famous wines of Istrian Peninsula are Refosco and Malvasia . Refosco is purplish red wine from local grapes with pleasent  fruity flavour of black currant and rasberry. The biggest Refosco winery is located in Vinakoper in Koper.

The malvasia grape is Greek in origin but grown in Istria . It is dry white wine and goes well whitefish, cheeses, poultry and shell fish.

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