Icelandic Contemporary Design – Ceramics – Iceland 2016

Iceland Issued a set of four stamps under the theme Icelandic Contemporary Design VII – Ceramics is the theme for 2016 stamps.

B 50g – Jarolog (Sediments ) by Olaf Erla Bjarnadottir.  Olaf erla is a graduate of Icelandic College of Arts & Crafts. She has received various awards for her art. Along with nine other artists she runs the shop Kirsuberjatreo ( The Cherry Tree) in Reykjavik.

50g – Dinner Service Jokla by Team Postulina- Guobjorg Karadottir and Olof Jakobina Ernudottir from the team Postulina. Guobjorg is a ceramics designer from Icelandic College of Arts & Crafts and Olof studied design and architecture in Italy.

A FDC is listed.   Date of Issue – 18 Feb 2016