Beekeeping in Kyrgyzstan – 2019.

Bees produce Honey which is a unique food and therapeutic. Their role in agriculture is no less important , Bees pollinate plants which increases their yield by 30-50 % and also improves quality of seeds. Kyrgyz honey is among the best in the world. The At-Bashi white mountain honey was awarded the Gold Medal in 2013 at the XLIII International Apimondia Congress. The Kyrgyz was also awarded the highest appreciation at 44th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress.

Kyrgyzstan issued three stamps on Bee Keeping in 2019. A Miniature of 300 som is listed,

Date of Issue 28 Oct 2019     Print –   2000

Kyrgyzstan Honey MS
Kyrgyzstan 2019- Bee keeping