Stamps on Ludwig von Beethoven – Romania 2020

Ludwig von Beethoven (17 Sep 1770- 26 Mar 1827) was a German composer and Pianist.He was born in Bonn and died in Vienna. He remains one of the most recognised and influential composers.His best known  compositions include 9 Symphonies,5 Piano Concertos, 1 Violin Concerto, 32 Piano Sonatas, 16 string quartets, a mass the Missa solemnis and an Opera Fidelio.

He worked with Neefe as assistant Court organist in Bonn between 1783 to 1785 In 1786 he moved to Vienna .

Romania issued a set of two stamps on 28 Jul 2020 to mark 250th Birth Anniversary of Beethoven. A Miniature Sheet is listed  (4x 8.50 Lei). Two stamps feature his portrait and scores of his music. It also features the Symphony No 6 in F major ,also known as Postoral Symphony which he composed and completed in 1808.

Romania Beethoven