Icelandic Design VI  Jewellery – Iceland 2015

Iceland issued a set of Four stamps on Jewelry under the theme Icelandic Design VI on 19 Feb 2015.

50 Gr Till Europe 180 Kr – A Necklace designed Helga Osk Einarsdottir which is made in oxidized 925 Silver in the Milla line. She is a graduate in Goldsmith and Jewllery of Metal Institute of Copenhagen and designs and produces Jewellery under the name Milla.

100 Gr 165 Kr- Guobjorg K ingvarsdottir designed a Silver ring in Swan Jewellery line. Guobjorg trained as a Goldsmith in Iceland & Copenhagen and operated Au-Art Shop and then founded the design and Jeweller Company Autumn in Iceland.

50 Gr Beyond Europe  240 Kr – Pin Brooch made of Driftwood, Silver and redfish skin. It is designed by Helga R Mogensen a graduate of Edinburgh Art College.

50 Gr  145 Kr – Astpor Helgason at Orr designed this Silver Necklace. Astpor is the co-owner of Orr Jewllery Designers